Action is Power: How a Kitchen Timer Can Change Your Life


Today I made a new best friend… a simple kitchen timer. Allow me to explain this new-found life hack and how it reminds me that action is power.

A New Best Friend

I woke up with an idea for my forthcoming book that I was super excited about, but within seconds I decided I didn’t feel like writing. I used to write nearly every day; I have so much I want to share with you and yet days slip by without a word being written. I have lots of excuses, many of them quite elaborate, and for a long while I convinced myself they were valid. Action is power, and I was definitely feeling powerless.

Action is Power

Today I looked more closely at where I was stuck, and what I discovered is that I had not created a place where I felt emotionally safe to write. My work space, now much smaller after a recent downsizing, had become cluttered. Paper was piling up and I was easily distracted. So I set a kitchen timer for 20 short minutes and decided to attack one small pile…

After just 20 minutes I was lit up! I kept adding 20 more minutes, then 20 more. It felt so great to be in action, creating the life I wanted for myself, one in which I am creative, fully-expressed, and yes, published. It was powerful!

In hindsight I was doing that shoeless cobbler’s child thing because the clients in my group coaching do this each week… they create an action plan for their personal brand and career, then move forward one step at a time.

What Holds You Back?

What about you?

>> Where are you feeling stuck?
>> What small step can you take to be in action?
>> What one thing can you do to feel your own power?

Maybe you can just start by buying a timer 🙂

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