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Headshot Days – July 21, 2017 – Register Now

ME: Did you register yet? You need to look good online. Scratch that. You need to look amazing, because you are! HER: { blushes } ME: No seriously, come to my Headshot Days event, you won’t regret it. If you are not seriously blown away I’ll eat a jar of olives. (She...

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Sorry? Say It In Writing

Tweet about it here: Put it in writing! @simasays #personalbranding #swayfactor Sorry? My feelings were hurt. Although it was unintentional, that didn’t ease the sting. She was quick to apologize and I was even quicker to accept. It was not how she treated people...

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Show Up Step Up & See It Through

Tweet about it here: See It Through @simasays #personalbrands #swayfactor Open your calendar and take a good hard look at it – if it’s anything like most people’s, it’s crazy jam-packed-busy. You can’t possibly add even one tiny To Do to your list, there’s just no...

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Action Beats Understanding

Tweet about it here: Feeling Stuck? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor About this time last year, I stopped practicing some healthy habits I’d worked very hard to create. I stopped regularly working out. I stopped writing every week. I stopped...

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There Is No Try? Squashing My Inner Yoda

Tweet about it here: Squash your inner Yoda! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   When I’m not sure I can, I’m sure I can try. There is no try? The word “try” gets a bad rap. Take the Star Wars character Yoda and his famous line, “Do. Or do not....

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When You Don’t Know Where To Start, Start Anyway

Tweet about it here: When you don't know where to start, start anyway @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor   Tomorrow I will give the last speech required to earn my Distinguished Toastmasters Awards (DTM.) It's a long road - applicants give 40...

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Who Will You Choose To Be Today?

Tweet about it here: Every Day You Get To Choose Who You Are @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor     The possibility of who I am in this world is born anew each day. When Negative Thoughts Bubble up When I catch myself start up with the negative...

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The Antidote to Shame is Forgiveness

Not gonna lie, I hit a wall. Hard. Q4 2015 was brilliant! I launched my new brand, started writing again, created my first digital product, and on New Year's Eve, just under the wire, I published my shiny new website. And then I disappeared. Living Large, Living Life...

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Registration Open for Chicago Headshot Days March 11-12

Did you know you can increase your LinkedIn profile views as much as 11 times by adding a photo? And did you know that it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo? That's why I host Headshot Days. Simply put, how you...

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Happy Is A Choice. #choosejoy

Tweet about it here: #choosejoy @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   For many people, this time of year is polarizing... (see what I did there?) It's either your favorite season and you can't wait to deck the halls, or it's a time of year you...

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Assumptions and the Art of “What If”

Tweet about it here: What Happens When You Assume? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   Last week I was talking with a woman contemplating her career options. She was in business for herself but growing weary of it and considering pursuing...

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Gratitude; Be Thankful Every Day

Tweet about it here: Want More Sway?@simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor   Apparently there is going to be some food and football served up by Americans today with a side of gratefulness, gratitude, and grace. Wondering if when the leftovers are...

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Someday, Don’t Wait. Start Today!

Tweet about it here: Don't Wait! Start Today! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   This past Tuesday I had the honor of delivering a keynote on personal branding at the VA-1 Tourism Summit, followed by a breakout session to help members turn the...

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Pursue Passion And Know Your Value!

Tweet about it here: Pursue Passion And Know Your Value! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor   Last week I was heads down working on content for a workshop I'm delivering to a group of high potential employees at a major credit card and banking...

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Find Your Champions. Who Holds You Accountable?

Tweet about it here: Find Your Champion @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor   My cousin Cindy is a rare blend of cheerleader and truth-teller that I've come to call "champion." More than a friend, different from a coach, a champion sees you in a...

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Nurturing Your Network! Building Up Your Social Network

Tweet about it here: Nurture Your Network! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   Today I had the extreme honor of delivering a custom version of my signature Sway Factor keynote for a room filled with commercial bankers right here in Chicago. And...

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Choose Joy, Relentlessly!

Tweet about it here: Choosing Joy, Relentlessly! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor    I have three tattoos and each serves to honor an important turning point in my life. The one on my left wrist is a 45RPM adapter. For you youngsters who have...

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Chase Your Dream, The Green Grass Is Yours To Grow

Tweet about it here: Chasing your dream! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   For 18 years I was a corporate marketer. I was good at it, and I loved it. Until I didn't love it anymore. Setting the Stage to Chase Your Dream In 2008 I was laid off...

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