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Life Hack: Turn Dread On Its Head, Inspire Yourself

Tweet about it here: Be an inspiration to yourself! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   It's Sunday, it's glorious outside, and I'm sitting on the floor of my newly downsized living room, which doubles as a dining room. And an office. You get...

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Right Foot. Left Foot. Breathe. Celebrate the Effort

Tweet about it here: Challenge yourself by celebrating the effort! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote #personalbrands #swayfactor    On July 25th of this year I set a goal: To launch an online training course teaching job seekers on personal branding and social networking...

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Action is Power: How a Kitchen Timer Can Change Your Life

Today I made a new best friend... a simple kitchen timer. Allow me to explain this new-found life hack and how it reminds me that action is power. A New Best Friend I woke up with an idea for my forthcoming book that I was super excited about, but within seconds I...

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It’s A Small World But I’d Hate To Paint It

Tweet about it here: It's a small world! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   You can't make this stuff up. Last week I had the privilege of giving back-to-back talks on personal branding at the University of Richmond. One of the administrators...

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Simma Down Now! The Art of Being Memorable. Be Memorable.

Tweet about it here: Being Memorable @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   Coming home from a program I did for the Minnesota chapter of MPI this past week, I found myself thinking about how people can become more memorable, be memorable. Clients...

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Smart People Ask for Help

Tweet about it here: Ask for support! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor     There is an important life lesson that I keep learning, then forgetting, then learning all over again, and it is simply this: I can achieve so much more with the support...

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My Labor of Love: Your Job Search Goes Social

Tweet about it here: Have you found a labor to love? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor     It's finally here - Labor Day - the day I promised to share some REALLY BIG NEWS for job seekers and career climbers everywhere. My labor of love. I'm so...

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Get Back To School, Always

Tweet about it here: Never stop learning. @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   Back to School is one of my favorite times of year, and walking through the corner drugstore today I found myself fighting the urge to buy a few school supplies - an...

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Calling All Job Seekers, Career Transition

Tweet about it here: Career Transitions? @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   In my work I deal almost exclusively with corporate staffs, business owners, sales leaders, and network marketers. But I have a great affinity for people in career...

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Dear Career Changers – TGIF!

Tweet about it here: TGIF! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor   {I shared this on Friday with my Facebook page fans but thought my LinkedIn followers might also be able to relate...} And who hasn't heard the term, TGIF? I had my head down for so...

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Conquer Your Fears, Don’t Let Them Stop You!

Yesterday I played hooky and spent the day riding roller coasters at Six Flags Great America. Or I should say "trying" as the weather did not cooperate and I actually only rode two. Fear didn't stop me and neither did the weather. Some People Love Roller Coasters Now...

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Own Your Ellipsis. What’s Your Dot Dot Dot?

I am a dot connector, and I love making high-value introductions within my network. Nothing makes me happier than when someone asks me, "Sima, who do you know who..." and I am able to say, "I know just the person!" Who Do You Know Who do you know who... Technically...

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Networking Is An Action Verb

Tweet about it here: Nuture Your Network! @simasays #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor     Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to small business owners about social media at the Dex Media Marketing Success Seminar. In short, I had a ball! But what I want...

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Personal Branding, Is Your Personal Brand Sticky?

This week I had the extreme pleasure of talking about Personal Branding for more than 400 Orbitz employees around the globe. It's a fascinating subject, and one I'm passionate about, but it is the story of how I landed this engagement that I want to share with you...

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What Will You Give Up For Your Dreams?

Are you coachable? Are you committed? Are you willing to make sacrifices now to realize your dreams? Tweet about it here:My Dreams are Worthy! #cocktailnapkinquote#personalbrands#swayfactor What Will You Give Up? As I type, my friends are a street festival rocking out...

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Market Yourself and Your Business with Laser Focus

You can't push three lawn mowers at once. In life and in business, what we focus on is what we attract. Focus like a sharpshooter on your goals. Market With Laser Focus Tweet about it here: Focus yourself and your business!...

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