ME: Did you register yet? You need to look good online. Scratch that. You need to look amazing, because you are!

HER: { blushes }

ME: No seriously, come to my Headshot Days event, you won’t regret it. If you are not seriously blown away I’ll eat a jar of olives. (She knows I hate olives.)

HER: I wanted to lose that last nine pounds, and I doubt I can get in to see my stylist by then.

ME: So when you lose nine more pounds you can get a new headshot. And your hair is fine. Besides our makeup artist will tackle the strays, and we can touch up any gray outgrowth and other minor stuff post-shoot. Seriously, you’re overthinking this. People are Googling you as we speak, you know that right?

HER: No one is Googling me.

ME: Really? What about that new guy on Bumble? And I thought you were hiring… You know anyone applying for that job is all up in your LinkedIn… probably your whole team.

HER: { rolls eyes } Okay remind me what Headshot Days costs?

ME: All in, under $300 including re-touching. And it will last you for at least two years, maybe three, provided you don’t make any radical changes to your look. Like go goth 🙂

HER: { rolls eyes again } Actually I am doing more speaking for work, and joining a few more advisory boards… suppose I should take advantage of it.

ME: You know the stats, right? Your LinkedIn profile is 11x more likely to be viewed with a photo than without. And your old one is pretty, it’s just – well – old.

HER: Okay okay, sold… is there any more wine?

{ First come ~ first served: }