Did you know you can increase your LinkedIn profile views as much as 11 times by adding a photo?

And did you know that it only takes 1/10 of a second for someone to draw conclusions about you based on your photo?

That’s why I host Headshot Days. Simply put, how you look online matters. That photo of you in the front of the Christmas tree with that oh so subtle egg nog glaze in your eyes? It doesn’t exactly scream business. Nor does the one of you with your co-workers despite your best efforts to crop everyone out but you.

Headshot Days is my way of giving back to my network. I partner with a local fashion photographer who has photographed everyone including Ditka and Obama, and shot fashion spreads all over the globe. I bring in a top-notch make-up artist who understands corporate make-up for men and women. And I have negotiated rates that can’t be beat.

Oh sure you can get a free headshot at some massive networking event but you won’t have proper lighting, the opportunity to change clothes from casual to corporate, multiple backdrops, nor will you have professional make-up. And you most certainly will not have retouching. Retouching isn’t about making you look like someone else, it’s about making you look like your best self. And you deserve to look your best.

Headshot Days 2016

Action shots from the shoot

I host this event twice a year, sometimes three, and it always sells out. Registration is first come ~ first served so get there.  Visit the Headshot Days registration page for more details and pricing.

PS. Men it’s time to man-up and get your butt in the make-up chair. You think those corporate CEOs don’t have on make-up? Guess again.

PPS. Ladies please DO NOT pinch pennies on lashes.You will NOT look like a trixie – lashes bring your eyes out, I promise okay? Also I highly recommend you make fun plans for that evening.