We know that topics are not one size fits all.  You might like elements of one combined with take-aways from another, and we’re okay with that.
Sima will work with you to create a custom program that will have your audience on their feet, PUMPED UP, and TAKING ACTION.


Sales Leaders and Business Owners

In this fascinating and highly interactive program, you will identity your ideal prospect, strategize how to position yourself as the best solution, and leverage social selling to gain entrée.

Professional Services

Do you know how often a prospect will look up your delivery team before deciding to buy? How about 100 percent of the time. In this hands-on program, your front line will learn how to showcase their talent and track record of success to give your buyers the confidence to say yes.

Corporate Staffs

Long gone are the days when the human resources department looked after your career. Today’s career climbers know they have to be their own Chief Marketing Officer, but few know how. From crafting an elevator pitch practicing subtle-self promotion, your staff will learn how to pursue that next project or promotion that will keep retention high.


In this energizing and engaging program, Sima will arm your high potential women with practical ways to become known within your organization and industry without any fear of being perceived as overly pushy, or worse. Participants will understand that real power comes from taking action. Every participant will create a detailed action plan, agree to a timeline, find an accountability partner, and put themselves on the fast track.

Sima has worked with Channel Partners, Associations, Distributors, Trade Groups, Highly Regulated Industries, Recent Graduates, even Religious and Ethnic Organizations…

because everyone needs to know how to unlock the secret to sway.


Everything you need, all in one place!

“Since the training I’ve been able to find new contacts at existing accounts and make relationships that I otherwise did not have. I’ve also been able to grow my business by meeting new people in our industry and connecting with them via LinkedIn. This has resulted in new connections and direct sales.”

Sales Manager, Medline