Hi there, Sima here – super excited to talk to you about sway. Sometimes it’s easier to explain by telling a story so here is one for you. The other day I received an email from a woman I worked with way back in 1998. I was a high tech marketer in Chicago then, she was a distant colleague on the East coast. Her email read something like this:

“Sima, I hope this note finds you well. I now work for a professional services consulting firm, and we are interested in doing some training on personal branding and social selling. When can we talk?”

In a word: Whoa! It had been more than 17 years since we worked together, and yet somehow she knew that I was no longer a high tech marketer but was now an international speaker and trainer in the personal branding and social selling space. And that I could help her achieve her goals. As it turns out, I was the only one she called.


You build sway by taking small but consistent action, offline and online, to convey your character, your competence, and your charisma. By positioning yourself as an expert in exactly that which you wish to do. And in time, your sway will be such that you ethically influence outcomes. To what end? To get the promotion, the new job, the speaking slot, the bylined article, the business… to whatever aspirations you’re willing to first declare, and then pursue. As a former corporate marketer, I made my name by wrangling brands and crafting messages to generate leads and opportunities. When I launched my own practice in 2008, I quickly discovered that the personal brand I defined and the messaging I crafted did the same thing. And the Sway Factor™ system was born. At its core, the Sway Factor™ system is a handful of principles that color the lens through which I see the world of relationship-building and networking:

  1. Practice consistent indirect marketing
  2. Make frequent digital deposits
  3. Pledge unwavering personal commitment
  4. Drive maximum relationship intelligence

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“I cannot tell you how insightful your presentation was. It really opened my eyes and made me realize how poorly I had been using LinkedIn previously and I am one of the better ones in my team here in London!” Orbitz

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letstalksway Here are the TOP 5 REASONS people contact Sima. They need a:

  1. Dynamite motivational keynote speaker
  2. Engaging social selling trainer
  3. Captivating corporate presenter
  4. Expert personal branding coach
  5. Rockstar panel moderator or event emcee


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