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Personal Brands Graphic: 1 Boost Referrals & Increase Sales, 2 Amplify Employee Retention, 3 Accelerate Talent Acquisition, 4 Improve Return on Brand Investment

Companies used to hide their top talent. Discourage individual visibility. Stifle employee self-promotion. Those days are over.

The Age of Referral

To successfully compete in what Sima calls The Age of Referral, companies now understand they need to harness the power of personal brands, and that’s where she moves the needle.

Sima works with the areas of your company where personal branding can make a measurable difference:

  • HR, Talent Acquisition and Leadership Development leaders committed to hiring and keeping the very best

  • Direct Sales, Channel Sales and Marketing leaders driven to generate more referrals, close more deals and increase demand

  • High-Potential Leaders, Women and other Affinity Groups ready to claim a seat at the table

  • Executive Teams determined to lead by example

Sima’s clients are small businesses and global enterprises.

They’re in her backyard, across the country and overseas. They’re associations committed to growth, member retention and service. And they’re business leaders who know they can move forward faster with a powerful coach on speed dial.

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