Hi, I’m Sima Dahl and I am excited to hear from you and learn more about what’s on your mind. Perhaps you want to talk about one of my personal branding keynotes, or maybe you’re interested in a social selling workshop… or something altogether brand new. Let’s talk!

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letstalksway Here are the TOP 5 REASONS people contact Sima. They need a:

  1. Dynamite motivational keynote speaker
  2. Engaging social selling trainer
  3. Captivating corporate presenter
  4. Expert personal branding coach
  5. Rockstar panel moderator or event emcee


Sima Dahl

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Sima Dahl
Sway Factory, Inc.
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“Thank you, Sima. We were all so energized when we left the meeting. You were exactly what the doctor ordered!” American Marketing Association, Richmond