Choose Joy, Relentlessly!

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I have three tattoos and each serves to honor an important turning point in my life. The one on my left wrist is a 45RPM adapter. For you youngsters who have never played a vinyl album, a 45RPM adaptor is a small plastic insert that you need to play a 45RPM record on a standard turntable. I buy songs on iTunes now but when I was a little girl, I spent my allowance on 45 records. The “hit” song was always on the A-side, and something not yet playing on the radio was usually on the B-side.

Losing My Joy

Some years ago I lost my mojo. I was in a funk and I didn’t see the world as a very joyful place. Once I realized it, I got busy working on me… getting my groove back. Choosing joy.

Like a 45 record, I like to think the ink on my wrist has two sides. The A-side reminds me that I used to be the girl who loved to rock ‘n roll. I actually have a list of every band I’ve ever seen live… music was my passion; going to concerts was my favorite thing to do.

And the B-side reminds me that while there is a finite number of musical notes, there is an infinite number of songs… And it reminds me that I have an infinite number of paths forward… of possibilities…

Finding My Joy

I started going to concerts again. And I quit trying to be a consultant and got busy becoming a motivational speaker and corporate trainer. And when I feel my mojo slipping, I look at my wrist and remember that I have a choice. And I choose joy.

Choose Joy

You know that thing that brings you joy? Deep down life affirming joy? Be it scrapbooking or baking or taking pictures or getting lost in a museum or volunteering at the pet shelter or writing poetry or researching your family tree or making ships in bottles… go do that okay?

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