Gratitude; Be Thankful Every Day

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Apparently there is going to be some food and football served up by Americans today with a side of gratefulness, gratitude, and grace. Wondering if when the leftovers are all gone we might still practice that gratefulness, gratitude, and grace thing.

Practice Gratitude

I know that whenever I’m in a funk or simply blue about the state of the world, if I pause to not only be grateful for my blessings but to also express gratitude to others… when I practice grace to those I may not understand… well the sun shines a bit brighter in my heart, and then I shine brighter onto the world.

Inspire Others

Shining bright is a great way I know to amplify your personal brand and increase your influence. Allowing people to see your “give” alongside your gifts is inspiring to others; it’s how tribes emerge.

Be The Change

I can’t say I remember daily, but with practice expressing my gratefulness, gratitude, and grace becomes easier; it becomes a state of mind. I may not change the world but I can change someone’s day. It starts with me. And you. Because if not us, then who?

Happy Thanksgiving to all celebrating today; happy day to all who stumble upon this post.

Note to self: Practice harder.

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