Happy is a Choice. #choosejoy

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For many people, this time of year is polarizing… (see what I did there?) It’s either your favorite season and you can’t wait to deck the halls, or it’s a time of year you dread, or at best, hope to just “get through.” I’m good from Halloween through Thanksgiving but then historically I slip into survival mode.

Say Yes To The Good

Not this year. On November 9th I publicly declared peace with the holiday season. I decided to say yes to all the good and ignore all the rest and you know what? It worked. I’ve said yes to invitations from strangers, to seeing old friends, and to making new ones. I said yes when I wanted to say “No not tonight, I think I’ll just stay home.” Yes to food drives and toy drives and dirty santa grab bags too.

I’m reminded of a friend who told me just a few short years ago, while I was going through a particularly difficult time, that happiness was a choice.

Happy Is A Choice

Truth? I wanted to punch him. But ‪#‎choosejoy‬ became my motto and with practice it got easier. And when I choose joy, I know I inspire others to do the same.

Let Your Light Guide

That’s not to say I don’t have bad days. Or that life is suddenly easy. Just ask my girlfriend whose fiancé died suddenly of a brain aneurism earlier this month. No, life is definitely hard. But we have a choice. You. And me. Who do you want to be? How do you want to respond? What light do you want to shine? Your light may just guide others… That’s sway.

Just something to think about as we approach the apex of “the most wonderful time of the year.”

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