Who Will You Choose to be Today?

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The possibility of who I am in this world is born anew each day.

When Negative Thoughts Bubble up

When I catch myself start up with the negative self-talk… as if who I once was is who I am forever to be – I try like hell to remember this:

The possibility of who I am in this world is born anew each day.

Last week I did something I never before thought possible. I ran 5 miles. In a row. Without stopping. Running is hard for me, physically and emotionally, for a variety of reasons.

Worried that I might chicken out, I made plans to meet a friend and head to the race together. Knowing that my negative self-talk would become a roar if I let it, I created an upbeat play list to drown out all thought.

“I have asthma.” I have an inhaler.
“I run like a horse.” I have a trainer.
“I have high arches, tight shins, I’m not built for this.” Hashtag orthotics
“I am not a runner.” Clearly untrue.

It’s Not About Your Past

When we define ourselves by what we have not been able to do in the past, we achieve nothing but short-sheeting our future.

So I listen hard for my old stories, and I challenge those I love when I hear them fall into the same trap:

I am not good at dating.
Switching careers is too hard.
I am terrible at public speaking.
Networking is scary, I am uncomfortable talking to strangers.

Who Will You Choose To Be Today?

It’s all old news. I didn’t become a runner overnight, and I didn’t do it alone. And the truth is had I limped over the finish line – or more likely if my friend had pulled me over it by my hair (a scenario we actually planned for) – I would still have been a winner. Because I tried.

The possibility of who you are in this world is born anew each day.

Who will you choose to be today?

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