Sorry? Say It in Writing

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My feelings were hurt. Although it was unintentional, that didn’t ease the sting. She was quick to apologize and I was even quicker to accept. It was not how she treated people normally, I knew that and I told her so. Onward.


This morning I found a card from her in my mailbox… a funny one-liner, “To f*ck up is human, to forgive divine.” But then she thanked me – thanked ME – for my grace.

Put It In Writing

I talk to audiences all the time about how to become more influential… how to increase your Sway Factor™, and the plain truth is that it starts with your character. It’s the huge impact made by often very small actions that set you apart and saying I’m sorry is one of them. Saying it in writing? That puts you at the head of the class.

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