What’s on Your Cocktail Napkin? (Hint: What Are Your Goals?)


Positive Affirmations

I’ve long been a a believer in the power of positive affirmations. I actually start each day by reading a Louise Hay calendar; the affirmative message causes me to pause and focus on what’s good in the world, and helps me set a positive tone for my day.

Similarly, I’m also a fan of writing down a line or two about any behavior I’m trying to modify or mindset I’m trying to adopt. I grab a notecard, post-it or lately, a cocktail napkin, and place it someplace where I will see it frequently. The bathroom mirror, the dashboard of my car, and my wallet are favorite spots.

Affirmations Through The Years

In fact to this day, 10 years later, I still carry a small tattered scrap of paper where I once listed the top 7 reasons I wanted to quit smoking. It’s barely legible but still powerful; just catching a glimpse of it reminds me of my hard-won struggle to become a non-smoker, and why it’s important to me that I remain one.

When I’m trying to affect change in my life, personally or professionally, writing out the reasons helps me stay on track. Describing what success looks like helps me envision actually achieving it. And so I was delighted when I opened the mail last week to find a note from my dear friend Michael, and a positive affirmation tucked within.

A talented senior marketer, the last few years of his career have been rocky. And I know first hand that when you’re unemployed, under-employed or simply miserable in your job, it can be hard to think positive thoughts. And that negativity can seep into your work, into your relationships, and ultimately color the way you see the world.

Michael knows this too so he’s working hard to stay upbeat and focused on his goals. He surrounds himself with positive people, volunteers his time at a local pet shelter, cares for an ailing neighbor, and gets his zen on in his garden. And apparently he too uses the occasional cocktail napkin to remind himself of what he wants to manifest in his life.

Goals? Write Them Down

Got something in your life you want to change? Something you want more of? Grab a notecard, a post-it or a cocktail napkin and write it down. Put it someplace you’ll see it often. Let your mind envision success. This is by no means a new concept; I can’t take any credit for it, but I can tell you it works.

So what’s your cocktail napkin quote this week? Share it here or post a photo to my Facebook page! Sharing your goals can be a powerful step toward achieving them.

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