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You have unlimited talent. Take stock, then tell your story. cocktail napkin quote

You Have Unlimited Talents, Tell Your Story

You have unlimited talents, you just need to tell your story. No one can know...
I am happy being me. cocktail napkin quote

I’m Happy Being Me, Celebrate and Share with the World

I'm Happy Being Me What would you do for a living if you could start...
I'm never giving up on me- cocktail napkin quote

I’m Never Giving Up on Me

Never Giving Up Yesterday I was walking to the gym for the first time in...
Success is reserved - cocktail napkin quote

Success is Reserved for Those Who Do

What Can You Do? What's one thing you can do today to chase your dreams,...
Dream bigger - cocktail napkin quote

Dream Bigger

Be your own champion. See yourself in a higher place. Stretch! Because small dreams will...
Plant seeds for your future - cocktail napkin quote

Planting Seeds with Your Words

What seeds will you plant this spring? Words have power. Write it down. Say it...
Love yourself - cocktail napkin quote

Love Yourself as Much as You Love Fridays

It's Feel Good Friday!

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