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I am happy being me. cocktail napkin quote

I’m Happy Being Me, Celebrate and Share with the World

I'm Happy Being Me What would you do for a living if you could start...
I'm never giving up on me- cocktail napkin quote

I’m Never Giving Up on Me

Never Giving Up Yesterday I was walking to the gym for the first time in...
Success is reserved - cocktail napkin quote

Success is Reserved for Those Who Do

What Can You Do? What's one thing you can do today to chase your dreams,...
Dream bigger - cocktail napkin quote

Dream Bigger

Be your own champion. See yourself in a higher place. Stretch! Because small dreams will...
Plant seeds for your future - cocktail napkin quote

Planting Seeds with Your Words

What seeds will you plant this spring? Words have power. Write it down. Say it...
Love yourself - cocktail napkin quote

Love Yourself as Much as You Love Fridays

It's Feel Good Friday!

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