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Nurture your network. cocktail napkin quote

Networking is an Action Verb

Yesterday I had the honor of speaking to small business owners about social media at...
Celebrate the effort, for it is in the trying that you discover you. cocktail napkin quote

Shifting Focus, Surround Yourself with People Who Can Lift You Higher

Is it time to shift your tribe? Years ago I did a consulting engagement with...
When your brand is strong, referrals happen - cocktail napkin quote

Personal Branding, Is Your Personal Brand Sticky?

This week I had the extreme pleasure of talking about Personal Branding for more than...
My dreams are worthy. So am I. cocktail napkin quote

What Will You Give Up for Your Dreams?

Are you coachable? Are you committed? Are you willing to make sacrifices now to realize...
When you shoot for the stars, don't use a rifle - cocktail napkin quote

Market Yourself and Your Business with Laser Focus

You can't push three lawn mowers at once. In life and in business, what we...
Dream bigger - cocktail napkin quote

Dare To Dream Bigger with Passion and Persistance

I was going to write this post about my beloved Chicago Blackhawks. The napkin, battered...
Do just one thing. cocktail napkin quote

Move in the Direction of Your Dreams

I saw a good friend's post in my Facebook stream that simply said, "I'm feeling...
When it comes to happiness, there is no such thing as now or never. cocktail napkin quote

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

This past weekend I was blessed to meet a dear friend of 20 years who...
You have unlimited talent. Take stock, then tell your story. cocktail napkin quote

You Have Unlimited Talents, Tell Your Story

You have unlimited talents, you just need to tell your story. No one can know...

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