Move in the Direction of Your Dreams


I saw a good friend’s post in my Facebook stream that simply said, “I’m feeling glum today…” And I realized I was too. I can’t put my finger on it – on the “why” – but for the past few weeks I’ve just felt off.

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The Balancing Act

This is an ongoing balancing act for me – to not become overwhelmed by my own energy and enthusiasm, by that rush of fresh business ideas I sometimes have… to not feel crushed by the weight of the inevitable question that has just one answer… “Where do I start?”

I get really excited and then I get afraid. Fear is a bitch. And when I recognize it I remind myself that the only way forward… the only answer to the question is to do just one thing.


Whatever career aspiration you have, whatever dream for your business, however impossibly huge and outside of your comfort zone, do just one thing. Any thing.

Seldom do successful people take giant leaps forward. It only looks that way from the outside. Rather it is a steady march of small steps that get us to our goal.

Direction Of Your Dreams

What will you do this week to move in the direction of your dreams?

Today, for me, it was writing this.

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