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Happy is a choice. cocktail napkin quote

Happy is a Choice. #choosejoy

For many people, this time of year is polarizing... (see what I did there?) It's...
Check your assumptions! cocktail napkin quote

Assumptions and the Art of “What If”

Last week I was talking with a woman contemplating her career options. She was in...
Want more sway? Express gratitude every day! cocktail napkin quote

Gratitude; Be Thankful Every Day

Apparently there is going to be some food and football served up by Americans today...
Tell 'someday' to suck it! cocktail napkin quote

Someday, Don’t Wait. Start Today!

This past Tuesday I had the honor of delivering a keynote on personal branding at...
Passion in action is a power magnet. cocktail napkin quote

Pursue Passion and Know Your Value!

Last week I was heads down working on content for a workshop I'm delivering to...
Find your champions. Keep them close. cocktail napkin quote

Find Your Champions. Who Holds You Accountable?

My cousin Cindy is a rare blend of cheerleader and truth-teller that I've come to...
A network needs to be nurtured! cocktail napkin quote

Nurturing Your Network! Building Up Your Social Network

Today I had the extreme honor of delivering a custom version of my signature Sway...
The scariest thing is giving up. Be relentless in pursuit of joy. cocktail napkin quote

Choose Joy, Relentlessly!

I have three tattoos and each serves to honor an important turning point in my...
The grass is always green when you chase your dream. cocktail napkin quote

Chase Your Dream, The Green Grass is Yours to Grow

For 18 years I was a corporate marketer. I was good at it, and I...

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