Own Your Ellipsis. What’s Your Dot Dot Dot?


I am a dot connector, and I love making high-value introductions within my network. Nothing makes me happier than when someone asks me, “Sima, who do you know who…” and I am able to say, “I know just the person!”

Who Do You Know

Who do you know who…

Technically the (…) dot dot dot at the end is called an ellipsis. And I want you to own yours. I want you to work hard to ensure that the members of your network know who you are, know what you do, know what makes you special.

Connecting The Dots

Your personal brand champions can only connect dots for you if they know how you wish to be known, and what you aspire to attract. This is your personal brand position. Think about yours. Are you able to articulate it? Does your online profile support it?

Last night I spoke to an intimate gathering of high-powered executive women and their high school and college age daughters about safe social media. I told the woman introducing me, a personal friend, not to read my formal bio but to just share how she knows me, and to use the words personal branding & social selling. Four words. Two concepts. My dot dot dot for that particular audience.

Own Your Ellipsis

What is your dot dot dot? Define it. Own it.

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