Smart People Ask for Help

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There is an important life lesson that I keep learning, then forgetting, then learning all over again, and it is simply this: I can achieve so much more with the support of others than I can when I try and go it alone.

Good Things Come To Those Who Ask For Help

Tomorrow I’m going to flip the switch and go “live” with a project I’ve been thinking about for ages but never before acted upon. What’s different this time? I’ve asked for and accepted all kinds of help. I have friends, mentors, coaches and all manner of personal brand champions helping me over the finish line.

And it feels amaze-balls. So I started thinking about other areas of my life where I keep telling myself that no one can help me… that it’s all up to me… and then how, when I fall short of the finish line, I’m more than happy to beat myself up for it.

Who Can You Ask for Help With Your Goals?

What big hairy audacious goals are you trying to accomplish, and who can help you? Who in your network can share their knowledge, lead by example, help you think it through, make important introductions, hold you accountable, and otherwise cheer you on?

Ask for Help. It’s Not Weakness

I think so many of us think that asking for help is a sign of weakness. That asking for help is essentially just letting other people know what we don’t know. When did we start believing we had to know it all in the first place? It’s absolutely redonkulous.

And you know what? When we ask for and accept help from others, we give those people permission to do the same, thereby creating a ripple effect of people helping people achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

For every one of you who helped me get right here, right now, ready to try something new, completely out of my comfort zone, moving forward in spite of unfounded fears… Thank You.

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